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What is Thunderfest?
Thunderfest comes to the fantastic Anglesey Circuit
with a bigger entry than ever and a vast array of classic bikes
ranging from screaming 50s to mighty 750cc British heavy metal.

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The idea behind Thunderfest is that riders set their own target speed and then aim to ride as close to this as they can. This requires a high degree of riding skill and concentration with the top riders able to circulate for 25 minutes, plus two laps, within a tiny fraction of 1mph of their target time.

As an added challenge, riders with the quickest declared target times start from the back of the grid and the much loved Thunderfest Le Mans start will get things off to a spectacular start.

Thundersprint star Frank Jones

Click To EnlargeFrank Jones came incredibly close to riding perfection with a speed just 0.05mph outside of his declared target for the 2012 Thundersprint.

Frank explains the secret of winning the event: “The key to doing well is to be really disciplined with yourself. If you are held up behind a slower rider then you have to do the mental calculations of how much you have been delayed and then get stuck in for half a lap to get back on schedule.

“Equally, you have to avoid getting carried away. You can’t start chasing a faster rider because this will drag your speed up.

“I love the event. It’s a million miles away from a relaxed parade and still requires all the thought and effort of racing – but without the fairing banging aggression.”

Stockport’s Mike Hunt is laid back at Thunderfest

Click To EnlargeClick To EnlargeOther riders have a more relaxed approach. Stockport’s Mike Hunt, riding the “Michaelfixit” sponsored T500 Suzuki, dating from 1972, said: “I start off with good intentions having worked out all the correct revs to change gear and when to brake to get right on my target speed. Then I start having so much fun that it all goes out of the door and I can’t stop smiling – which is why I’ll never win the event.

"I’m just there for a great weekend and an awful lot of track time for a very modest entry fee

Mike’s racing compatriot, Ian Jackson, said: “Of course I want to beat Mike but for me the attraction of the Thunderfest is its laid back nature. We all take great pleasure in having a completely open paddock, meeting spectators and showing off our bikes – and there is no-where better in the world to do this than the Anglesey Circuit.”

Ian Jackson and Mike Hunt enjoy friendly rivalry throughout Thunderfest 

As well as Thunderfest, there will be two Cavalcades, a classic bike track day, trade stands and good food on sale.

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The Thunderfest Cavalcade is spectacular

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