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Ride in the Thunderfest

The Thunderfest, at the Anglesey Circuit over the weekend of May 30 and 31 is, just maybe the best fun in classic motorcycle sport.

Thunderfest will use the legendary Coastal Circuit at Anglesey which is probably the best track layout at the circuit and is brilliant fun to ride.

Anglesey is probably the most beautiful circuit in Britain

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There is barely a straight section on it and includes the bottom clenching “Corkscrew” – a sure cure for constipation!

The lap is 1.55 miles in length and there is never a quiet moment. You will have a fantastic time.

This is what the Coastal Circuit is like to ride

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Coastal Circuit and Thunderfest Village location

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Thunderfest is not a race in the sense of flat out fairing banging but it is the chance to go as fast as you want on a race track, without pace marshals, and to test your riding skills to the limit in a safe and friendly way.

Thunderfest is a time trial in which riders can go as fast, or slow, as they wish. It’s absolutely NOT a race. Here is a video which explains the whole event:

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Here’s an entry form for the event:


And here is all the information about Thunderfest:

1) To ride in the Thunderfest you will need either a DVLA Class A or A2 motorcycle licence, or an ACU competition licence.

You don’t need either a one event ACU competition licence or a full ACU competition licence.

Dropping down through the Corkscrew is a big thrill

Click To Enlarge2) The event will be run under the Anglesey Circuit’s Track Day insurance.

The insurance cover is that provided by the MSA’s insurers (the car version of the ACU) and is designed with track activity in mind.

3) Thunderfest is a classic motorcycle event so you will need a pre-1978 bike to take part.

Sporting road bikes are as welcome as full on race bikes.

However, Thunderfest is not suitable for touring machines and riders who want a gentle day out.

4) We intend following best practice with Thunderfest so all bikes will be scrutineered to ACU road racing standards and protective clothing will have to be of the same standard. In short, we want to make the Thunderfest as safe as possible. 

5) You will need an ACU approved helmet and either one piece, or two piece zipped together, leathers plus leather boots and leather gloves.

6) We will also noise test all Thunderfest bikes so that we are seen to be good neighbours with Classic Bike Track Days who are sharing the venue with us for the Welsh Classic Motorcycle Festival.

105dba is not silent. We will have our own, dedicated, official for scrutineering and noise testing so everything will be carried out correctly – but sensibly.

Sporting road bikes, and sporting road bike riders, are most welcome at Thunderfest

Click To Enlarge7) We will enforce, strictly and for everyone, the normal Thunderfest passing regulations of six feet or 2m.

Thunderfest has got to be fun and if you want fairing banging, serious racing then the CRMC hosts some titanic battles and you would be far better off there.

The Anglesey Circuit is brilliant but we have all got to ride sensibly and politely.

8) The cost of the two day event will be £165. This is for TWO days riding and your souvenir.

You will also get a camping pass and four admission tickets to cover the rider and support crew.

You can ride on just one of the two days but the cost will still be £165.

This is what will happen each day – BOTH Saturday and Sunday.

There will be two sets of trophies, one for each day so you can go home laden with Silverware – possibly!

i) 15 minutes free practice

ii) 15 minutes “Qualifying” - after which you will declare your Thunderfest target speed

iii) 25 minutes + two laps of the Thunderfest

9) To make the event even more interesting, we will have a Le Mans start which will be a lot of fun.

Le Mans start for classic bikes will be very different

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At the end of 25 minutes + two laps, only riders still circulating will be classed as finishers.

Most riders will do around 16 laps and this will be a real challenge to ride at a perfectly consistent speed.

This is the programme for each day – both Saturday and Sunday.

10) At lunch-time, there will be a speed controlled Cavalcade and you can ride in this as well at no extra cost.

11) Thunderfest will be embedded within the Welsh Classic Motorcycling Festival at the Anglesey Circuit which is going to be a brilliant event in its own right.

12) The Thunderfest will have its own village within the Welsh Classic Motorcycle Festival

This will be the whole area either side of the two Tom Pryce Straights. These are the last two straights at the end of the lap of the International Circuit, before the start and finish straight.

We will use the grass area and not the tarmac. The area will be exclusively reserved for:

i) Thunderfest entrants

ii) Cavalcade entrants

iii) Thunderfest traders

You will be able to camp in the area from Friday evening until Sunday evening. The area is near to the toilets and showers.

Bikes can be scrutineered and noise tested from the evening of Friday 29 May.

One very important requirement will be a clearly legible front number.

Click To EnlargeRiding numbers must be clearly legible.

Because we are using human time keepers, they MUST be able to read your front number, and side numbers as well, easily.

So, nice big numbers in an easily legible font are essential.

13) As a condition of entry, we will insist that you show off your bike. We want to make the Thunderfest village into real showbiz entertainment and we will expect your bikes to be very much on show to the public, not tucked away behind your van. We really want to make this into a spectacle.

14) There will be a few traders in our area - but not many. We want to keep Thunderfest an intimate, VIP, event.

15) The Welsh Classic Motorcycle Festival organisers are, we understand, putting on entertainment for Saturday evening.

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