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Thunderfest Cavalcade Information

The Cavalcade is going to be a major part of Thunderfest and you will make a very important contribution to the whole weekend – as well as becoming a motorcycling superstar!

Here is the information:

1) There will be two Cavalcades during the weekend.

2) One Cavalcade will be on Saturday 30 May and the other on Sunday 31 May.

3) The Cavalcades will take place at lunch-time.

Thunderfest Cavalcade is Spectacular

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4) Each Cavalcade will be about three laps. We might get more track time if things go perfectly.

5) The Cavalcades will be speed limited to about 30mph with a pace car.

6) The Cavalcades are NOT a substitute for Thunderfest or a track day. The whole idea of the Cavalcade is to cruise round, wave to the crowds, smile a lot and look cool.

Smiling and looking cool are very important parts of the Cavalcade!

7) The Cavalcade is open to riders and bikes of all ages and types. You will be just as welcome to take part on a belt drive vintage machine or the latest Superbike.

The important thing is that the bikes must have two effective brakes and must be able to keep up with the 30mph speed.

8) Bikes do not have to be Mot’d or road registered.

Road racing bikes, or even trials and motocross machines, are welcome.

9) There is a strict noise limit at the Anglesey Circuit. This is 105dba – which is the same as race bikes.

105dba is not silent. If your bike has any form of sensible silencing it will be have no problem meeting the noise limit.

Modern Sportsbikes can take part in the Cavalcade – providing they meet the 105 dba noise limit.

Click To Enlarge10) All bikes will be given a visual safety inspection. This is not like race scrutineering or an MoT test but is a basic safety check.

All machines must have two effective brakes and must be free of oil leaks.

Oil leaks, or a bike which looks as if it might leak oil, are serious issues on a race track. Your bike must not leak oil.

11) The type of safety clothing you wear is optional but it must be appropriate for what is effectively riding on the road – even though it is a closed circuit.

12) You must wear a helmet. This is a minimum safety requirement.

13) You must ride sensibly and courteously at all times.

If you don’t ride sensibly and courteously, you will be removed from the Cavalcade and escorted off site. There will be no refund of your entry fee.

14) The Thunderfest Village is strictly pedestrianised. You cannot ride your bike whilst in the Thunderfest Village.

If you ride your bike in the Thunderfest village you will be escorted off site. There will be no refund of your entry fee.

15) Your entry fee gives you, very limited, Public Liability insurance only whilst you are on the track or pushing your bike in the Thunderfest Village. If you want to insure your bike or yourself, for example in the case of an accident whilst you are taking part in the Cavalcade, you will need to do this yourself, at your own cost.

16) The cost of the entry is £35. This is what you will get:

i) Two Cavalcades – one on each day
ii) Two, weekend, spectator admission tickets – value £20
iii) A weekend camping pass – value £20
iv) VIP camping in the Thunderfest Village paddock
v) A souvenir

Click Here to Download the Cavalcade Entry Form

In other words, if you enter the Thunderfest Cavalcade you will save £5.00 over coming to the Thunderfest as a spectator and camping! Even better than saving the money will be the chance to become a motorcycling star for the weekend, at what is going to be one of the best events in the motorcycling calendar.

For more information, or if you have any questions, e-mail us at

Bring your vintage bike, a big smile and enjoy yourself!

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